What is Gullah?

Gullah and Geechee people are direct descendants of Central and West Africans who were enslaved on Carolina, Georgia and Florida plantations.

What is Geechee?

Geechee is a subculture of Gullah. Gullah and Geechee people are culturally the same with a few differences.

What’s the difference between Gullah and Geechee?

The main difference between Gullah and Geechee is language. Gullah and Geechee people both speak Sea Island Creole; however, the language and culture have evolved over time.

Is Geechee a real language?

Yes, Gullah and Geechee are real languages.

Where do Geechee people live?

Gullah and Geechee people live in the Lowcountry area of America. But due to the great migration in the 1900s, many Gullah/Geechee people moved away from the south creating a Geechee Diaspora in America.