• Preserving Our Language and Culture One Video At A Time

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Preserving Our Language and Culture One Video At A Time


  What is Gullah?  What is Geechee?

Gullah and Geechee people are direct descendants of Central and West Africans who were enslaved on Carolina, Georgia and Florida plantations. 

The main difference between Gullah and Geechee is language. Gullah and Geechee people both speak Sea Island Creole; however, the language and culture has evolved over time.

Puttin On Fa Da Culcha

(Preserving Our Culture)

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"Boi look ya een col no moe so go ahead and support dus movement by rockin one ah dese." "Boi E Hawt Outchea" is the Geechee way of saying "it Is extremely hot outside."


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Geechee Experience

 is a millennial-led cultural movement that’s focused on educating, entertaining, and empowering Geechee people from all generations. Geechee and Gullah is an English based creole language and culture that was developed by enslaved Africans living in coastal regions of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. 

Geechee is a variation of the Gullah language. Gullah is mainly spoken on the islands by elders and is on the verge of extinction because it is no longer being passed on to the next generation.

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